DiDi – Defenders’ Database

The Defenders’ Database (DiDi) is a an easy-to-use tool for human rights defenders to register, analyse and share information about human rights violations. It permits users to record data on violations both online and offline, store documentation and import old reports to give the information life again. The anonymised data from our certified users is published in the map-and-graph-tool below, and can be filtered and shared by anyone.

DiDi was launched in April 2018 and is still under construction, so please bear with us in the beginning and give us feedback at database@crd.org. There will be plenty of news in the near future, so please stay updated by visiting the site frequently.

NOTE, March 2019: The passing of Josefin Ekermann, the project manager of the Defenders’ Database, has left us all with deep grief and sorrow. We had planned to present the new version of the DiDi here during April 2019. It is now however slightly delayed, but the work continues and it will be presented shortly.  – Erik Jennische, Civil Rights Defenders.

NOTE: There is an error occurring when filtering the data on gender at the moment. Please do not use this function until further notice. The data not filtered by gender is correct though.


Latest News From Defenders’ Database

Being a defender in Cuba

7 August 2018

“I spent 6 months in prison and after that my studies to become an accountant was over”. She is 29 years old and lives in Cuba where arbitrary detentions are... Read more »

Civil Rights Defenders start registering Cuban HRDs that are stopped when trying to leave the country

4 May 2018

Two Cuban human rights defenders from the Cuban province of Villa Clara were prohibited from travelling to a Civil Rights Defenders training in Colombia on May 1st. The police patrolled... Read more »

Defenders’ Database starts off with data on human rights violations in Cuba

4 April 2018

April 5, 2018 Visiting Santiago de Cuba in October 2017, the UNPACU (Unión Patriotica de Cuba) leadership informed us that it is impossible for them to organise public activities due... Read more »

Latest News From Civil Rights Defenders

Civil Rights Defenders’ Intern Attacked after the Announcement of Bosnia and Herzegovina Pride March

5 April 2019

Civil Rights Defenders’ intern, Ehlimana Elma Muslija, was together with her girlfriend, attacked twice in the central part of Sarajevo. Civil Rights Defenders strongly condemns hate attacks against the LGBT... Read more »

Arrests Aimed at Silencing and Marginalizing Crimean Tatars Should Be Investigated

28 March 2019

Civil Rights Defenders and Freedom House condemn the detainment of at least 20 civic activists associated with the Crimean Solidarity movement on 27 March, which followed searches of dozens of... Read more »

Mobile Training Centre – 2018 in Numbers

26 March 2019

Defending human rights has never been a safe activity, but it’s gotten even more dangerous in the past few years. Whether it is hackers in their email accounts, or threats, harassment... Read more »